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A clean home is elemental in your everyday life. We all want to enjoy the amazing benefits that come with it, however, it is a tedious and time consuming task which is why we at Blue Stone Cleaning Service have come up with a solution for you; top-notch flat rate residential cleaning services.

Your kitchen, bathroom and living room are the most used rooms in your house and they can get dirty very easily but you don’t want to spend your time on a messy room.

We provide professional cleaning and maid services for your home or apartment. We do everything from cleaning your cabinets to vacuuming and mopping. With Blue Stone Cleaning Services you don’t have to worry about dirty floors or dusty rooms anymore. Our flat rate cleaning services will guarantee you receive affordable and reliable work.

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Your environment has a significant impact on your everyday life and on yourself. Because your home is one of the main environments you spend your time in, your health is directly influenced by it. So you may be wondering what are the health benefits that come with a clean home?

A study released by Health Enews states that a clean home can help you reduce stress and fatigue. Rest is something you most likely want to do after a long and tiring day, but if your home is dirty your mind will be aware of the pending task to do and you’ll start stressing about it. Your stress when seeing a messy room like your kitchen can even make you consume more calories. With a clean home you can have a healthy mind and a healthy body.

A dirty environment is dangerous for you and your family. A clean home reduces the spread of harmful bacteria, undesirable pests and reduces accidents when tripping or even fires. With Blue Stone Cleaning Service you can guarantee a safe and healthy environment for you and your loved ones.

We provide Residential Cleaning, which focuses on Homes & Apartments. Offering services like house cleaning, apartment cleaning, maid services, laundry service, carpet cleaning and window cleaning along with a broad variety of other cleaning related services.

House Cleaning/Apartment Cleaning


Clean all counter tops
Spot clean all exterior cabinets
Clean exterior of all appliances
Place all dishes in dishwasher
Clean and polish all sinks
Dust all window sills and blinds as needed
Clean all tables
Clean stove hood exterior
Clean top & front of refrigerator
Remove all cobwebs
Vacuum and mop all floors
General straightening up
Empty all garbage cans
Clean interior of microwave oven.


Clean all mirrors
Clean exterior of all vanities
Clean all sinks
Clean soap, toothbrush, towel and toilet paper
holders as needed
Clean all commodes
Clean tub and shower enclosures
Dust wall mounted light fixtures as needed
Mirrored walls spot cleaned
Clean all tiled areas
Remove garbage
Clean and mop floors
General straightening up.

Living Room Areas & Bedrooms

Vacuum carpets
Dust all furniture
Dust all accessories on furniture
Vacuum & mop tile floors
Vacuum hardwood floors (mop if requested)
Clean all mirrors
Clean all glass top tables
Dust all picture frames
Clean all TV screens
Empty garbage
Straighten all bedding.

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