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Residential & Commercial Maintenance Services.

No matter the type, every space within your property requires regular maintenance for its well-functioning.  Are the cleaning and maintenance chores too much to do daily on your own? At BlueStone Cleaning we specialize in solutions for your needs.

Optimum Performance Guaranteed

If you want to operate your business with ease and enjoy your home properly, you need to maintain your property. Our maintenance services go beyond manicuring the appearance of your property.

We provide integral maintenance for every part and element of your property including, but not limited to appliances, furniture, floors, windows, or upholstery. 


Constant Comfort & Well-Being

It’s no surprise that your property requires regular maintenance services to be safe for anyone habiting it. Everyone deserves a clean environment and when you live with babies, elderly persons or even pets, it’s particularly important that you maintain it clean daily.

BlueStone Cleaning specializes in comprehensible maintenance services where your safety and satisfaction are our top priority. With flat-rate cleaning maintenance services, you can clean your property as often as it needs and set a personalized schedule for our maintenance services.

Residential & Commercial

Don’t let a filthy space prevent you from doing your daily activities. Whether residential or commercial, our maintenance services are appropriate for your property.

Some spaces may require even more thorough cleaning than others, but our maintenance services are the go-to for any size and type of job regarding maintenance.

maintenance service

Complete & Tailored Maintenance

What BlueStone Cleaning offers are convenient and prompt solutions that will fully satisfy your needs. We don’t miss any detail on our work and our process.

No property is ever the same, that’s why we offer personalized attention with consistent quality. We provide effective property maintenance through tailored services for phenomenal results on a regular basis.

We’ll tackle everything from daily chores such as emptying trash cans, dishes, and cleaning windows to carpet cleaning, polishing furniture, appliance cleaning, and sanitation. You don’t have to think twice, every maintenance service you could need is right here!

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