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Blue Stone commercial cleaning serves a broad range of clients, from retail stores and business offices to commercial building cleaning, we perform every cleaning project with prime quality, guaranteeing our flat rate cleaning service will exceed your expectations.

You can count on Blue Stone Cleaning Service’s office & building cleaning for anything from carpet and window cleaning to floor care, cleaning and maintenance. Reliability is our staple. Contact us now, our professional team is ready to assist you!


At Blue Stone Cleaning Service we care for your business just as much as you do. A healthy work environment is crucial and can have a great impact on your success. The first impression that your business has on your customers will affect their opinion of you and a clean and tidy work environment will help you maintain your staff of collaborators motivated and upbeat.

Also, because your work space portrays your business, a messy environment will create a negative image of it. Messy and dirty workspaces are proven to reduce your employees’ productivity and you can waste valuable time looking for tools and materials in a chaos.

You can’t forget that the human resource is one of the foundations of a business. Your store, office or building holds a lot of people every day and caring for their health and safety is just as important as they are. With Blue Stone Cleaning Service you can be confident that you’ll have a safe work environment for your employees and make your customers happy, after all happy customers will bring success to your business!

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A clean work environment is not only beneficial to a business but it’s also a requirement by the sanitation rules and regulations. An improper disposal can not only cause illnesses or accidents but it can also result in extra charges for your business.

To avoid this we’ll show you some aspects to remember. When dealing with disposal, always remember to recycle your plastic and glass bottles, metal cans, newspapers, cardboard boxes and separate them from your trash. Keep your trash in appropriate containers to avoid a dirty sidewalk. Air shafts, gutters and sidewalks must be kept clean.

Finally mats and dusts should not be beaten or shaken. Blue Stone Cleaning Services counts with 15 years of experience on cleaning services. Call us now to help you.

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